The Reincarnation of the Opsal Building

I’ve been really curious to see what the new Opsal building development is going to look like. I really loved the old Opsal Steel building, but obviously in a place like Vancouver having that much prime land taken up by a beautiful, run-down, safety hazard isn’t really practical. I think my affection for the old building left me ready to intensely dislike whatever was to rise from the ground on that site, but I have to say, I like it! True to Bastion Development’s original plan, as much of the old materials as possible were used in the new structure, while still maintaining safety standards. Also, the tower itself has architectural elements that set it apart from the standard issue condo tower. While it’s still early, it would appear as though the new Opsal building is a well thought out, balanced and visually attractive feature in the False Creek area.


To see what they started with, have a look at these clandestine photos of the old abandoned Opsal Steel building.

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