Lions Gate Bridge in the fog.

Lions Gate Bridge during fog at night


When I first moved to Vancouver I imagined it would be more like San Francisco when it came to fog. It was well over a year before I experienced  my romanticized version of the thick blanket that easily places one in an old film noire movie. So when it finally arrived, I knew I had to take full advantage and find subject matter that would capitalize on the diminished visibility and convey, what I believe, is  both the restrictive and expansive nature of this all to uncommon occurrence in our city. It makes our world smaller, perhaps only 50-100ft radius, but it also sparks our curiosity. For me a foggy day is a lot like life. You don’t always know what is “out there”, but it’s really fun to find out.

Under the Lions gate bridge in fog.

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  • Gabriela January 22, 2013, 1:01 pm

    Those are beautiful and eerie at the same time. Gorgeous!


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