Colourful Vancouver: 3333 Main St.

The corner of Main St. and 18th Ave in Vancouver can be a confusing place. I’ve heard the new condo development described as looking like “a pool threw up”, a strange 7′ tall poodle atop a pole, and why is it called Riley Park when there’s a Riley Park at 33 and Ontario? Perhaps it’s the curve in the road and the fact that the avenue doesn’t line up as it crosses Main St? Considering the recent history I’m sure there will be opposing views, but I really like the park on that corner. The less manicured, wild looking plantings along the street, gently curving concrete benches and walks, inlaid arcs in the concrete, the mounded grass in the middle and another public art piece that will spark conversation. These dynamic elements come together so nicely to create a space that is inspiring and yet exudes a feeling of calm that invites one to stay awhile. And of course the use of colour, which is tied in throughout the space whith the numbers on the building, the well placed stools and the large art work at the corner. In the afternoon the cafe’ style table and chairs are a great shady place to enjoy a coffee and contemplate, or debate, the finer points of architecture, public art and the use of colour in Vancouver. Or not.

Public art and architecture in Vancouver

Jason Statler  – Photography

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