At Your Convenience, and Close to Your Heart

After a couple months posting the At Your Convenience series on Vancouver Is Awesome, things have really taken off! Stemming from a post on reddit asking for people’s favorite neighbourhood stores I was contacted by The Province to do an interview about the series. Without a chance for my 15 minutes of minor fame to subside, I was then approached by Global to appear on AM/BC with Jill Krop. The personal resonance of this series is obvious by the amount of stories and suggestions I’ve heard regarding people’s favorite locations. One reddit user said it best when speaking about their most beloved independent store;

“It serves as a setting for my dreams every once in awhile.”



A huge thank-you to everyone who has shared their favorite stores and the reasons why they go to them! It shows how important community, neighbourhoods and shopping locally really is.

Jason Statler – Photography

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  • Jenni June 10, 2013, 6:32 pm

    Thank you for posting the video! I was sad to miss it when it was on.

    You rock! Great interview, and such a great project! 🙂


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